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Add in a matchup with two head coaches who are hard to root against (remember, Bill Belichick isn't there) and there's plenty to keep the attention of most football fans even if their betting slips are torn up early.Carolina Panthers for Face Masks

For those unaware, Mahomes sounds almost too much like a certain Kermit the Frog when he speaks. Thus, the perfect spirit animal for him is a frog. Kelce isn’t wrong here, even though he is joking around.Pittsburgh Steelers for Face Masks

He’ll watch the game with Billy (in fact, the Bucs beat the Packers on Billy’s 28th birthday). Connor has moved to Nashville, and I spoke to him Sunday night about coming to my house for the game. He said he’s in, then we spoke briefly about his grandfather and the last time the Bucs made a Super Bowl.Arizona Cardinals for Face Masks

Ex-Michigan quarterback Jason Kapsner admits he and Brady had an ulterior motive for taking jobs at a pair of Ann Arbor golf courses during the summers of 1998 and 1999.Detroit Lions for Face Masks

Now, the 49ers have to wrap up the deal. With Watson gone, the Texans would have no choice but to trot out A.J. McCarron at starting quarterback. That’s not going to fly. With the Texans potentially looking at a rookie quarterback in 2021 or later, they need a bridge quarterback. Luckily for them, the 49ers have Jimmy Garoppolo to send over to H-Town, and Caserio is quite familiar with him.

Seahawks safety Jamal Adams could not be happier he’s now in Seattle and away from the disaster that is the New York Jets. 

If they win the division, they'll be in the tournament, as former coach Bill Parcells used to say, and they'll have a chance at Super Bowl LVI.
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