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Press Office with Inbound Marketing

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When you speak well of your own business it is propaganda. When others speak well of him, it's the press office”. Although simple, this definition brings several insights into how a good relationship with the media can boost your inbound strategy (in the us, for example, we increasingly hear the term “ inbound pr ( public relations ).” see below 3 advantages and 1 point of attention when integrating these strategies: 1) faster anyone who has set up a blog or social media page knows how time consuming it is to gain followers. I don't know of a company in a hurry to grow and make money, and the organic traffic acquisition just doesn't keep up with the desired speed.

The press office enters here broadcasting its content for capturing and nurturing leads in external channels. Press works has mapped more than 50 thousand communication vehicles in brazil of different types, sizes and editorial lines, which are Whatsapp phone number list thirsty for good articles to fill their pages. 2) cheaper advertising can be expensive and can drive your cac (customer acquisition cost) sky high, compromising the profitability of your business. Better (and more economical) than buying space is conquering it. However, it is necessary to invest in quality content to occupy the editorial space of a periodical, magazine or news portal. An expert will be able to advise you on how to make a text factual, informative, original, in short.

More journalistic in order to be accredited as a relevant topic for the media. Still, there are techniques that increase the chance of getting backlinks to your domain, boosting your seo and easing your sponsored links budget. 3) more credibility kind of obvious, right? A story brings more confidence than a paid ad. It is not by chance that several sites have a section “in the media” on their home page, where they insist on presenting themselves using the credentials of having been published here or there to convey credibility. 4) …with more variability too when you buy an ad, you know exactly how and when it will run. Often even the pantone shade will be chosen by you.
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